Wedding Decoration

Our event managers take keen interest to exercise the choices of both groom and bride for their wedding attirement, which are nicely touched with glazy designs to make the bridal couple look exquisitely elegant. Apart from this our managers are also engaged to extend best of decour to bridal stage as well as adjacent side-wall brims with colourful flowers and glossy tencilated coverings. There are meticulous arrangements especially for bridal stage we have our team works to make the stage more attractive and shiny with colour lights from all corners.

Wedding Digital Photography

We have experienced and skilled photographer and videographers who capture the moment beautifully. We also do post processing, album creation and DVD presentations of your events.

Wedding Mandap

Traditional Indian weddings take place in a mandap and the mandap is the focal point of all Indian weddings. Hence it is very crucial that the mandap design is selected carefully. From a dreamy mandap complete with frills and vivid colors to a mandap replete with traditionalistic touches, we will understand the theme and tone of your wedding and create a magnificent space where you and your beloved exchange wedding vows. Depending on your budget and area preference we will offer you mandaps in BMC Kalyan mandaps, Hotels or large halls.



Keep your sweet memories and cherish them forever with beautiful, chic & stylish pre-wedding photos. With the beautiful landscape, interior and exterior design recognised by numerous awards, Swosti Chilika Resort offers the perfect location for pre-wedding photography. Make your wedding day special and share your love story through the lens.